30 Day Fitness Experiment

What can you do for your body in 30 days?

Walking, Running, Flipping and Flopping

Assorted colorful flip-flops.
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Day Four: So Many Variables!

Basic truth: Walking is good for you. Sure, there are some exceptions and limitations, but in general, walking is good/possible for most people. But what if you walk hunched over? In the wrong shoes? On the wrong kind of terrain?

Usually, I walk in New Balance running shoes. and they seem to have done wonders for my back and feet. No pain after walking a long way in those shoes. But the other day I read this LA Times article, where it was suggested that wearing flip flops could actually lessen knee pain. The more pounds I’ve packed on, the more knee pain I’ve noticed, so I decided to take a walk in my flip flops. Although flip flops are quite controversial in the world of health and fitness, I had a good walk. No knee pain here! I wouldn’t recommend running a marathon in them or anything, but…

Results so far: Even though this is only Day Four, I’ve already noticed some changes as a result of my new daily walk: Increased energy (this is probably also related to less junk food), a feeling of peace and joy (I have missed being outside every day!), AND stronger core muscles, leading to better posture. It seems as though walking with purpose reminds me to go into Pilates posture, which helps me to breath better and thus makes my walks more enjoyable/less laborious. I am really surprised that I’ve already seen improved posture/core in only four days. My tummy also seems to be pooching out (is that a word?) less as a result of stronger abs! Yay!

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