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Have You Got What it Takes?

The legendary Jaime Escalante died on Tuesday. In case you don’t know who that is, he was a Bolivian math teacher who turned East LA’s Garfield High School’s math program around. Edward James Olmos played him in the 1988 movie “Stand and Deliver.” As a young Mexican-American growing up in Southern California, I watched this movie many times, usually on an odd day at school.

The part that always struck me is: “You’re going to work harder here than you’ve ever worked anywhere else. And the only thing I ask from you is ganas…. If you don’t have the ganas, I will give it to you, because I’m an expert.” Ganas is often translated “desire,” but it’s more than just desire, it’s like… inner motivation. Determination to succeed.

You have to have ganas in order to succeed at anything in life; not just math. So look at your motivations. Make a list of the reasons you’ve decided to lose weight, to eat healthier, to lower your cholesterol level or to improve your cardiovascular condition. If most of those motivations are external, if they have to do with what other people think or what other people tell you or what you think you “should do” but you don’t have a clear idea why, look inside yourself and ask again: “Why am I doing this?” Write down what reaching your goals will mean for you, and why you are really, really determined to succeed.

Unless your motivation comes from within, success will be very difficult to attain. If you ever feel you just can’t find the ganas, find a mentor. Find support. Find someone who has been there and made it through. Find someone who can say: “If you don’t have the ganas, I will give it to you, because I’m an expert.”

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