30 Day Fitness Experiment

What can you do for your body in 30 days?

Changes Are Needed; May We Be Excused?

Day Sixteen: Excuses, Excuses

I can’t believe how much better I’m feeling after only two weeks of eating better and exercising daily. I keep thinking “Why didn’t I start this sooner?” After asking myself this same question over and over again, I came up with some answers. These were my excuses:

1. It’s too hot/cold/rainy/snowy/icy/humid/cloudy/sunny to go outside. It’s true, I hate the weather in Indiana. But I also live about two minutes away from the mall, where I could walk indoors for free, and there are several inexpensive gyms in the area. The weather outside is a terrible excuse for not exercising.

2. I quit smoking. Everybody gains weight when they quit smoking. This may be true, but at the time I began smoking, “everybody” was doing it. It wasn’t a good reason then, and it’s not a good reason now. Besides, a small amount of weight gain may be expected, but I had taken it to a whole new level.

3. I don’t eat that much. My body hasn’t caught up to the fact that I’m not sailing anymore. (aka I just have a slow metabolism. This statement might contain some truth, but Oh My Goodness I do eat a lot. Keeping a food diary has opened my eyes and driven me to make better food choices.

Image by NVinacco via Flickr

4. My number one pitiful excuse: It’s a side-effect of my medication. Isn’t that a great one? I mean, if you have a medical excuse, you can get away with anything, right? Here’s the reason this was such a pathetic excuse in my case: The reason my particular medication causes weight gain (and yours might be different) is that it messes with my brain’s ability to tell me that I feel full. That’s it! It doesn’t change my digestive process in any way; it doesn’t make me feel hungrier, it simply prevents my brain from going “Oh, I’m done eating now.” But my brain is not stupid. I can prepare nutritious food, take out an appropriate portion, and keep track of what I’ve eaten, with or without my “I’m full” alert.

I am amazed at how long I allowed this so-called “medical” excuse to dominate my life, especially when I’ve had so many medical reasons to lose weight. The one that’s most glaring right now is that I already have pre-hypertension. Another silly “medical” excuse I used was “Maybe I’ll get pregnant, and you’re not supposed to lose weight when you’re pregnant.” What?! Being obese and pregnant is not good for your baby, so why did I not have a goal of “Lose weight, then start a family?” Overweight and obesity raise so many health risks. It’s time to get on the ball and take your health and well-being seriously.

What’s your excuse?

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  1. I went through many of the same things!

    I now run inside on a treadmill we found on Craig’s List unless the weather is nice enough for me to be outside. Or once it is daylight at 5:30 when I get up to run! (It’s too dark and creepy now that early!)

    I never smoked, but my hubby did when we first started dating. I encouraged him to quit years ago, and he’s gained weight from it too.

    I often thought about a food journal, but never started one. I eat the same breakfast and lunch without much variation, and the same two snacks during the a.m. and p.m. For dinner, we spice it up a bit!

    I used the pregnancy excuse too, except that I really was pregnant. And then we lost our baby, and I was a COMPLETE couch potato for a month or so. Partly because after two surgeries and pregnancy hormones I couldn’t do much more.

    Now I’m deteremined to run a 5K! I’m 2.5 weeks into my training and doing well!

    Comment by MommyHaynes | April 8, 2010 | Reply

    • Isn’t it funny how many excuses vanish into thin air once we are really determined to do something?

      Congratulations on staying on track for the 5K. When is it?

      Also, I’m so sorry about your baby. 😥

      Comment by The Landlocked Sailor | April 14, 2010 | Reply

      • It is! I haven’t been able to find a 5K locally yet that I’m able to attend. With having two kids it makes scheduling things a bit tricky! I search for new ones posting every so often! I’m hoping for one in lay May or June.

        & thank you.

        Comment by mommyhaybes6 | April 14, 2010

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