30 Day Fitness Experiment

What can you do for your body in 30 days?

These Feet Are Made For Walking (And That’s Just What They’ll Do!)

rainy walk
Image by moionet via Flickr

Day Seventeen: Walking with a purpose

Last night we took our evening walk in the rain. It was just a light rain at first, and then suddenly my husband said “Let’s head for home. There’s a band of rain about to hit us.” (He is a Ham Radio Operator and Weather Spotter, so he talks this way.)

We were already walking briskly for some reason, but when we realized a storm was coming, we really stepped up our pace. My legs began to ache. I began to lose my breath, I felt my heart rate climbing, and you know what? It felt wonderful. It reminded me of when I used to walk to actually get somewhere, like the three miles every morning to open the City Bakery, so early that the buses weren’t even running yet.

Or walking all over Oakland and San Francisco when our boat was docked there and we just didn’t have a car. We used to walk to get places, not just to force our bodies to move and burn some calories. And when we were really trying to get somewhere, we walked briskly. When you have six or eight (or more) miles to walk after dinner, you tend not to meander around aimlessly. That increased heart rate is what lets you know you’re working your cardiovascular system.

Not sure how much your heart rate should increase while walking? The Mayo Clinic’s Target Heart Rate Calculator is a good starting place, but for more information on how the numbers apply to real life, check out this helpful article from MSN Health and Fitness.

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