30 Day Fitness Experiment

What can you do for your body in 30 days?

Three Weeks to Healthy Habits

Hamcation 2008: Junk Food
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Day 22: Revelation of the Week

I had a revelation this weekend, a personal Aha! moment, and I want to share it with you. It involves a boring day at home alone and several pieces of sour cream cake on display in the privacy of my kitchen.

My husband was out of town, and I was spending the weekend cleaning up my work room and studio. When I went downstairs to find some lunch, I found six or seven fat, glistening slices of sour cream cake. (It’s like pound cake, kind of, but with icing and, apparently, sour cream.) Mr J had brought it home from a work day at the amateur radio club.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had anything like that in my house. I’m not a big cake person anyway, but it did look so delicious, and I had worked up an appetite cleaning and organizing upstairs. What shocked me was this thought: “Ooh, that looks so good! Now what shall I eat for lunch?” I was amazed that I could see the cake, think “Oh so delicious,” and then move on! Later, when I did have some, I cut a couple of slivers off one of the huge, gigantic pre-cut slices and I savored it. I was amazed how much I could taste, the richness and the cream and the fat in it, and that was all I wanted.

Here is the Aha! part: Years ago when I lived a dismal life in a dismal home in a dismal town, I used to eat junk food like this a package at a time. I would eat it, but not taste it. And I would still feel hungry. At that time, I did not think it possible to eat a little bit of a rich food like this and be satisfied. I believed that people who just took a little piece and said “Oh, delicious!” and moved on were either lying, or had tremendous will power and were just torturing themselves by eating any at all.

The thing I’ve just discovered for myself (although I’ve read about it many times and not believed it), is that my body has become accustomed to eating fresh, nourishing, whole foods, and it has let go of its obsession with high calorie, high fat comfort foods. I realize that I could become accustomed to those foods again, and that it isn’t necessarily smooth sailing from here, but it is encouraging.

On that note, here is today’s Tuesday Weigh-In: Actually I am away from home right now, and I don’t have my scale, but my most recent result is 211 pounds! That means I’ve lost a total of 9 pounds in these first three weeks. Yay, me! And Yay, you!

If you’re using the Lose It! App on your iPhone or iPod touch, add me as a friend: fitness at thelandlockedsailor com


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