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Heaving To and Weathering the Storm

Storm at Sea - State of California 3
Image by Josh Phillipson via Flickr

Cultivating a new habit may take 30 days or more; thus the title of this project. Some things need to happen gradually, but sometimes you just need a kick in the pants. Or, perhaps more often, something kicks you in the pants. Something happens, and you have to deal with it.

When that “something” occurs like a bolt of lightning or a slap in the face or like a storm out of the blue, you need to know how to move swiftly, how to take action. You also need to know how to what to fight for and what to let go of. In the case of a sudden storm, or a particularly rough storm that you are having trouble weathering, it’s time to heave-to!

Heaving to is a sailing maneuver that allows you to essentially “put on the brakes” and gives some relief from fighting stormy seas. It doesn’t stop the storm, it doesn’t beam you to some far away place, and it doesn’t get your vessel much closer to wherever it was headed. What it does provide is some relief from the crashing waves and the howling wind. Instead of trying to fight your way into the wind, you’re drifting somewhat. You’re kind of “at idle.” This gives you a chance to regroup, and maybe to rest. Maybe it lets you leave the helm long enough to get some help.

So you’ve hit a storm in your life. You got laid off, you lost your house, you binged all week and gained ten pounds. You wrecked your car, you flunked out of school, or you got a frightening diagnosis. What are you going to do? Just keep on beating against the storm, head to weather? Doing the same old things, living the same old life, and expecting new results?

No. It’s time to heave to. Lash down your wheel and let your vessel keep itself steady while you rest, regroup, and figure out what to do next. Maybe you’ll wait out the storm, and then continue on as you did before. Maybe you’ll come out of this a brand new person. Maybe you’ll need a new set of sails.

Whatever shape you’re in when the storm is over, I bet you’ll have discovered a brand new heading.


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