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Simple Living Sunday

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Do you have a lot of Stuff?

Does your Stuff take up a lot of your time and energy?

Do you spend so much time with your Stuff that you don’t have time to be physically active or cook healthy meals?

It’s easy to develop “Too Much Stuff Syndrome.” Maybe maintaining all of our Stuff is what leads us to working over time in jobs we may or may not hate. Maybe we feel we need to acquire even more Stuff than we already have.

I engage in a volunteer work that takes me from door to door. I am always amazed at the neighborhoods with the gorgeous, expensive houses with a three-car garage, beautiful gardens, and a swimming pool out back. The amazing part is not necessarily the beauty of these homes, but the fact that no one is ever home to enjoy it. Not even on the weekends.

If you are suffocating under the pressure of all of your Stuff, what can you do to break free (whether you have a big gorgeous house or not) and focus on the things that are really important to you? It begins with your state of mind, and a conscious decision on your part. Read how two women on opposite coasts, Tammy and Kelsey, began their journey toward breaking free: Tammy’s Story and Kelsey’s Story

What’s your story?
If you haven’t yet begun your journey toward simple living, answer this: Where would you like to be twelve months from now? What will your life look like next year at this time? Will you be stressed out, unhealthy, inactive, and surrounded by stuff?


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