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Friday Literary Inspiration

The Casco, one of a number of boats in which R...
Image by National Library of Scotland via Flickr

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

Some days you go just to get there; other days you go just to go.

Take one day each week and move just to move. Walk, bike, run, whatever. Don’t count mileage, don’t have a destination, just go and see what you can see.

If you really want to slow down, go sailing. Traveling in a vehicle where 9 knots (10.36 miles per hour) is breathtakingly fast is a sure way to change your perspective.

(About the sailing vessel Casco, pictured: Robert Louis Stevenson chartered the Casco from San Francisco to tour the Pacific. He wrote in his journal that Casco “plowed her path of snow across the empty deep, far from all track of commerce, far from any hand of help.”)

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