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Market Day: The First of May

light through swiss chard
Swiss Chard by greenhem via Flickr

What’s in season in Indiana in May?

Well, lots of things, among them arugula and chard. You’ve probably heard of these two greens, but what on earth should you do with them? First of all, what are they, besides green?

Arugula has small leaves that kind of look like dandelion greens. It has a peppery taste, so you’ll probably want to mix it with something. Just toss in with other greens for a salad, or use as a garnish on sandwiches. Want yummy? Try it on pita with hummus and tomatoes.

Chard is actually a member of the beet family, although to me it looks more like bok choy, or Napa cabbage. It has white or red ribs, depending on the variety, and dark green leaves. There are so many ways to prepare it! You’ll usually start off by separating the leaves from the ribs, but don’t throw either one away! Both parts are equally delicious. The flavor of the leaves is similar to spinach, but a bit stronger. Because of this it is wonderful in egg dishes and gratins. Try this Tourte de Blettes recipe from Epicurious.com at your next brunch. Keep in mind the richness of the pastry dough, sugar and heavy cream, and size your portions accordingly.

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  1. I have a bundle of Swiss Chard right now from our Community Supported Agriculture subscription. I love putting it into the blender with oranges from my tree, a carrot and perhaps a few frozen strawberries. It makes a delicious green smoothie.

    Comment by Tammy McLeod | May 1, 2010 | Reply

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